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“Everything I know I learned from dogs.” - - Nora Roberts



February 11, 2019

Morgan is THE best! She first helped Ruby Rue with socializing through puppy play time at Petco. She was always so knowledgeable and willing to dish out advice regardless if we took her paid training classes or not; we didn't, only because my husband was convinced we could train Rue on our own. Which ultimately led us to bringing Morgan on for personal lessons at our home a year later... (MEN *eye roll*). She was so helpful and aware of every obvious and not so obvious sign Rue was giving off and was able to show us how to properly train her once the private lessons were over and she was no longer there to hold our hand. As long as you stay committed to guiding your dog outside of his/her lessons, Morgan's expertise will make an everlasting impression!


April 27, 2019

Finn and I love Aunt Morgan. She is so positive and a great teacher. Finn learned a ton in Puppy Level 2 and we will be back for Adult 2 and her loose leash walking workshops. Can’t say enough good things about her and her methods of teaching. Our favorite!


May 4, 2019

Morgan is a great person and an experienced dog trainer. She loves dogs! We share the same philosophies about dogs and I wouldn’t hesitate to entrust my sweetie into her loving care.