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Puppy Programs
(Ages 6 Months & Younger)

Our Puppy Programs are designed to give you & your pup all the tools you need to communicate better & live a long, happy life together! 


Whether you need assistance with potty training, that dreaded puppy nipping, socialization, or just basic manners, these programs will help get you & your pup on the path to success! 

Basic Manners Programs
(Ages 6 Months & Older)

Our Basic Manners Programs are meant to provide you & your growing pup with the tools to succeed! Now that they have conquered the puppy basics, we can begin training for real life situations!


Whether you need help with leash walking, door manners, recall, or simply learning how to effectively communicate with each other, these programs are for you!

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Behavior Rehab Programs
For dogs displaying fear, aggression, reactivity, anxiety, & other behavioral concerns

Our Behavior Rehab Programs are designed for those pups with a little extra spunk!


Whether you are dealing with some aggressive tendencies, leash reactivity, resource guarding, past bite incidents, separation anxiety, or general fear & anxiety, these programs are designed to help you & your pup address the root cause of these issues, so you can live your best lives together!

Day Training Programs

Our new Day Training program is quickly becoming a client favorite. This programs places your pup in a fully immersive training experience, where we are able to spend time addressing those troubled areas that need a little more attention. Unlike stressful board and train programs, pups are able to go home each day to recoup for the next training session.


Pups are dropped off at our training facility for a 2 hour training session where our trainers will cover things from basic & advanced obedience, leash skills, puppy training & more!

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Follow Up Programs

Already a Client? Start here!

These packages are designed for our current & past clients, who are looking for a refresher or a follow up to previous training. 


Private Lesson, Day Training, & Reactive Dog Class options are available!

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